Isak Kotecki (USA), John Cattini (UK), Jacob Thompson (USA) Connor Frawley (USA), Max Challis (CA),


about us

Morningbird is a five-piece alternative rock band hailing from various parts of the world that came together in Boston, MA, USA

Its two founding members, Max Challis and John Cattini, met each other during a summer music program finding common ground in their musical tastes.  Over the course of the program, they played lots of music together with mutual friends, but the real friendship formed when Max borrowed John’s acoustic guitar for a performance at the end of the program; John’s guitar had an input jack and Max’s didn’t. The rest of the band met as college freshmen in 2013. The five were all placed on the same dorm floor and their friendship grew over the years working together on various projects and extracurricular activities, but the whole band didn’t come together until much later.

John and Max formally founded Morningbird in the summer of 2014 with a couple of bedroom recording sessions that became their debut self-titled EP (released October 2015). As the two continued to grow musically, they kept writing and recording. After a year of writing, recording, producing, and mixing, they finished “Only Believe In Love”, their first full-length album, still having never played a live set together.

Now that they had an album, Morningbird needed some more members in order to perform their full productions on stage. Max and John brought together their closest friends – Isak Kotecki, Connor Frawley, and Jacob Thompson – and the five-piece band was formed in Fall 2016. Despite everyone’s varying geographical backgrounds (including Canada, the UK, and various US locations), the band connected with one another from the beginning and began performing.

Morningbird released it's first album, "Only Believe In Love", on September 7th,  2017. They just released a new single "Born To Lose You" on April 13th, 2018. They continue to play shows in the North-East region, honing their live act and growing their fanbase. Morningbird continues to write new music, and are already in the midst of their next album.